Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Niroo Research Institute

Few month ago when I started to locate my old friends through the ORKUT website, I looked for a community under name of Niroo or MATN or something like that. Since, as anyone knows, Orkut is a kinda crappy website, the only community that came up was MATN FRIENDS with almost no familiar face to me in that community. So, I decided to make my own community "NRI" and was hopeful to see some freinds through that. Just two days ago I noticed that there already aonther NRI exists!!! (So I changed mine to be NRI Abroad !!!!).
BUT, yet I don't know anyone in that community of 97 members (as of today). It has been only 5 years I am out of NRI and it seems that has been 5 decade. It seems that some of the projects are longer lasting than researchers overthere !


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